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Hosting tournaments is one of the main ways Smugtown FC uses its platform to give back to the soccer community. Smugtown FC uses its resources to organize a place, time and date for tournaments all while keeping costs as low as possible. Typically, tournaments are for ages 18 and up and non-sanctioned. 

For more information about tournaments please email Smugtown FC at to receive tournament specifics. 


Team Nights

In 2022, Smugtown FC invited multiple youth teams to their home UPSL matches to give the youth players a fun experience to remember. On these team nights, youth teams would receive free tickets for their players along with extra tickets for their team staff and families. At the games, youth teams would get the opportunity to walk out with our team to start the game along with getting to play on the field at halftime and under the lights. Smugtown FC plans to continue this tradition into 2023 to continue to give back to the community. Many of our players come from local teams that we were able to host for a team night. We especially look forward to inviting girl’s teams to our UPSL women’s matches to give them a professional team in the area to look up to.

If your team would be interested in being part of one of our team nights, please email Smugtown FC at

Team Night Photo.png

Future Community Plans:

  • Player appearances at special events

  • Players visiting youth team practices

  • Youth soccer camps in the summer

  • Volunteer work in the city

  • Community fundraising games

  • Recognizing those giving back to the community

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